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I work with Millennials seeking to discover potential career paths that align with their interests, personality, strengths and abilities.

* Millennials - aged 23 - 38 years old or born between1981 and 1996. (Pew Research Center, 2019).

Career Coaching: Welcome

As a Career Coach, I work with Millennials seeking to discover potential career paths that align with their interests and. personality, and utilises their strengths and abilities in order to channel them into the world of work

Offering inspirational and pragmatic coaching to finding work that both satisfies and brings in an income, I use a broad approach including psychometric profiling, coaching tools and techniques, in order to determine appropriate and fulfilling career paths.

For those already in the workplace looking for a career change, I motivate and support you to shine, gain promotion, or take a different route entirely if that suits your individual skills and abilities more closely.

I appreciate and understand the challenges that millennials are facing in this ‘always on’ world we live in now. Often, in day-to-day life we lose contact with ourselves and what really matters to us.

I can help you make the best possible career-related decisions, supporting you by identifying potential career opportunities through an understanding of:

  • What inspires you, what you are passionate about and what will help you thrive

  • What your transferable skills and true strengths are and how to market them

  • Your values and what is most important to you in life

  • What you want and how best to achieve it

  • What realistic options are available to you and how to evaluate them

  • What may hold you back (limiting beliefs) in order to enhance well-being and optimise effectiveness

  • What work roles and environments would suit you best

  • Your personal responsibility to your career progression to shape the future you want to attain career fulfilment.

By building your self-knowledge, you will be able to see how your strengths can support you to build confidence and be emotionally resilient in all that you do.

Coaching helps you to think differently and learn for yourself what is best for you. The focus in our sessions is always on positive change: stating this is where I am now, what do I want to do next or what do I want to be different in my life and how am I going to achieve this?

Career Coaching: Services

After 18 months in my first job after university I became increasingly aware of the fact that I had rushed into the wrong job. I imagine that this is a dilemma that faces many a recent graduate that is thrown into the ‘real world’ without really knowing where their strengths, or even interests, lie. Seeing my trouble, a friend who had faced a similar problem suggested that I get in touch with Shan who had helped her enormously.

I should confess that I was initially very sceptical. How could it be that a stranger could know more about what I would be good at or enjoy than me? The answer, of course, is that she doesn’t. What she can do is very quickly work out (even before your first meeting!) certain aspects of your personality and interests that will give her and yourself insight into the types of work that might be suitable.

Before I went to Shan I had looked at many of the more predictable graduate jobs but after our first meeting I soon realized how narrow-minded I was being. All of a sudden I was able to look at a list of potential careers that genuinely felt exciting as I knew deep down that they were so much more right for me than the job titles I had been looking at previously that only made me sigh and give up.

Four months after meeting Shan, I was in a position to leave my old job and have since started working for a new company in a role that is not only challenging and rewarding but infinitely more exciting.

I would definitely recommend Shan to anybody that felt they were in a similar predicament.

– Hugh

She simply adored you and found it so helpful. I cannot thank you enough.

– Emma

Thank you so much for our first session. It was a real pleasure, and I felt I gained a lot, both with respect to insight about myself, but also how to approach a career change. I felt inspired.

– MB

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your guidance. It was very interesting (and reassuring!) that this opportunity matches with your findings. Thank you again for all your help and advice, it was, and still is, greatly appreciated.

– R C-J

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance, it has certainly invigorated my job hunt and made clear exactly what I want to do!

– JC

I enjoyed meeting you enormously, I felt such a sense of relief afterwards. I am also so pleased to have other good alternative options to my present role. Half the battle is learning what else is out there!  I’m sure I will need your advice for many years to come! Thank you so much for all help, it was such a comfort during the struggle.

– RR

After spending just two hours with you I left with a renewed confidence and a sense of excitement that there was a world of opportunities open to me. It was particularly refreshing to discuss possibilities that had never occurred to me. Our session was so absorbing that time flew by, a credit to the ease and comfort I felt in your company. It was a thoroughly worthwhile experience and one that I would recommend to anybody seeking careers advice.

– SK

Thank you SO much for our coaching sessions. I really enjoyed meeting you and you have helped me so much to feel positive again!

This is so exciting, thank you!

– SP

“ I must say a huge thank you for being so brilliant  with Lara  , she has benefitted so very much from your extraordinary skills”      


“Thank you so much for your support and guidance over the past few months. You are a great mentor, and an incredible listener! You can put up with my scatty brain and ramblings!  Thank you for constantly being supportive, for not flagging ... I always leave feeling positive and ready to go, go, go!” 


“I just wanted to write and say a big thank you for helping me. You were incredibly warm and easy to talk to which made the self-reflection much easier than it might have been!  The exercises were really good at helping me work out what’s important to me in both my professional and personal life, which definitely helps to focus oneself when  hunting for jobs”    


“I can’t tell you how helpful it was coming to see you. I feel incredibly lucky I can come and talk to someone I respect, trust and ‘get’s it”   


Just wanted to say I got the promotion at work and life is on the up. Largely down to your advice 

Thank you, Hugo

I have just found out I have got a job at a tech firm and they've asked me to go for drinks to meet the team tomorrow! Shan I could not have done this without you. You've helped me so much with my determination and most importantly my confidence. Everyone has noticed such a change in me since I began seeing you so for that I thank you so much! Even my anxiety is so much better and i believe I can do pretty much anything now haha!


Career Coaching: Testimonials
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