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Shan Hazlerigg provides unparalleled Business Coaching for emerging and established leaders and Career Coaching for Millennials.

Coaching is about creating a safe, confidential space where an individual can think out loud, be understood, challenged and supported to do new things, or do old things differently. It is a bespoke personal journey (Morgan, 2018).

Shan holds an MA in Business Coaching (Distinction) and a PG Cert in Business & Personal Coaching. Shan is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), MBTI and NEO-PI-R qualified.

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"There’s no doubt in my mind that our sessions were pivot moments where I decided to take back control. So thank you, it made a big difference and yes, I’m in a MUCH better frame of mind"


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Business and Career Coaching.



I support emerging and established leaders and their teams in SME’s to build confidence, improve communication, enhance well-being to develop careers and drive business growth.


I work with Millennials seeking to discover potential career paths that align with their interests, personality, strengths and abilities.

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"I would like to thank Shan. My work and personal life is calmer, happier and I feel more comfortable in my own skin now. None of this would have been possible without Shan’s guidance."


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M.A. Business Coaching

Shan appreciates and understands the challenges that Millennials and career professionals are facing in this ‘always on’ world we now live in. Often, in day-to-day life we lose contact with ourselves and what really matters to us. 

Shan can help you make the best possible career-related decisions, supporting you by identifying potential career opportunities through an understanding of:

  • What inspires you, what you are passionate about and what will help you thrive

  • What your transferable skills and true strengths are and how to market them

  • Your values and what is most important to you in life

  • What you want and how best to achieve it

  • What realistic options are available to you and how to evaluate them

  • What may hold you back (limiting beliefs) in order to enhance well-being and optimise effectiveness

  • What work roles and environments would suit you best

  • Your personal responsibility to your career progression to shape the future you want to attain career fulfilment.

By building your self-knowledge, you will be able to see how your strengths can support you to build confidence and be emotionally resilient in all that you do.

Coaching helps you to think differently and learn for yourself what is best for you. The focus in our sessions is always on positive behavioural change: stating this is where I am now, what do I want to do next or what do I want to be different in my life, and how am I going to achieve this?

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London, UK

0772 040 6848

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